The final upgrade

Finally decided to start a thread on my filtration。
The final upgrade AROWANA Forum My filtration consists of two tanks,MALAYSIA GOLDEN AROWANA a 3 x 2。5 x 1。5 main tank and an addition 3 x 1。5 x 1。5 pure k1 tank, powered by an Ehiem 1260。
The filtration Medias used are!
80 L – K1 Media
50 L – Mr Aqua Ceramic Rings Small
50 L – Mr Aqua Ceramic Rings Medium
30 L – ANS Mini Bacteria House
15 L – Biohomme Plus
10 L – ANS Red Ceramic Rings
10 L – Bio balls
For the final upgrade, I will be changing my 3 x 1。5 x 1。5 tank to a 3 x 2 x 2 tank that would increase my K1 media by 65% from 80 L to 130L to handle my bio-load of 9 arowanas and 6 stingrays。
Also, I feel Bio-balls are not very effective,The final upgrade would be replacing them with more Mr Aqua。
In a nutshell, the best value for money media would be Mr Aqua Rings and K1 media。
Thanks for reading,The final upgrade would appreciate inputs on improving the filtration further or your opinions on better media alternatives。
Many thanks
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