Why you grow so fast



Why you grow so fast

Why you grow so fast Thick frame red dragon fishWhen I bought it, it was 12 centimeters as big as the one on the side. After three months, it grew to about 17 centimeters, which is much larger than the one next to it.
======== Xiangyou aquatic Alliance Yuyou said =====
Huang Xiaoheis belly is as big as a parrot
Win in the rivers and lakes said: good state will definitely grow fast
Long Qiaoer said: relatively strong
Long Er obediently said: This is normalTiger is good.




The fish farmers sadness and pain go hand in hand and cherish

When using trichlorfon be sure to pay attention to the pH of the water

arowana for saleHaha looks good

Sakura Tigers hanging at side of tank

FS: 11 Disc Diameter Tiger Stingray ($65




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