There is a little dragon at home



There is a little dragon at home

What kind of thing is this, is it something Dong Xiao spit out?
======== Xianglong aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
ren001002006 review: stomach bags
★ Ant Comment: Reply @傻瓜明少: What was the difference between before and now?
Fool Ming Shao Comment: Stomach bags are going to have a little yellow powder. It used to be vomiting, but now it doesnt work.
Daohe A Comment: If it is a stomach pouch, stop eating for at least one week
Longer obediently Comment: This is a stomach pouch.
★Ants Comment: Reply @Hヽqq: the fish is okay now, the problem is that I will feed the fish again tonight. Stop eating, listen to peoples advice, eat enough
★ Ant Reply @独孤猪蹄: Ah, feed the bag, fear
Dugu Pigs Trotter Comment: Stomach pouch, stop for 5 days.Wait for the new stomach bag to form before feeding the fish.Dont feed too much in the future.
Unicorn and Paparazzi Comment: Come and learn.
Hヽqq Comment: Is the fish all right now?


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