Hello everteacup ray for saleyone! Newbi

Hello everteacup ray for saleyone! Newbie desmond here :dHi everyone!
I am desmond i have been keeping fish since young and i really enjoying this hobby!
The fish tank is like a SLED screen to me, where i get to watch the fishes swimming happily in it!

Currently at home, i have goldfish,teacup ray for sale discus,crenicichla zebrina for sale bettas and guppiesD
Hope to be able to exchange some pointers with you guys soon and cheers to fish keeping!!
Thank you admin for this platform
Welcome onboard
Enjoy your stay and looking forward for your participation in forum discussion。
>Yes, I am sure I will! Thank you!
>welcome spyder glad to have you with us!
>Welcome to join us here, bro。

Hello everteacup ray for saleyone! Newbi AROWANA Forum>Welcome to AFT。
>Thank you for the warm welcome, Jeffers, KongSK and spino。


    Hello everteacup ray for saleyone! Newbi
    2019-12-04 13:30:17 Contents
    The red arowana friend said that this is ok later can also do financing loans so that the purchase of fish can be done in installments,

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