Erythristic Red Gar

Newly recruited this gar。 Some pics vid to share。 Enjoy。。
Erythristic Red Gar AROWANA Forum>Tfs is the nose ok or born like that。
>Originally Posted by spawn Nice oddball there Tks bro
Originally Posted by Ranger Tfs is the nose ok or born like that。 Nose is like this。 Look like pig nose。 。 Lol
>Ive seen a similar one a few years ago and havent seen one since。 Think it cost you quite a bit right?
>Didnt know Red gars exist。 The snout is really unique lol。 Reminds me of an Gharial Alligator。
>Nice piece!
>Special gar you have there。。 will the red color darken as it grows?
>Thanks all bros comment。 On the morph qns, im now doing a trail。 Till date i believe nobody have seen an adult red gar before beside breeder themselves。 For me,Pikonni will know in a yr time。 😊;
>TS nice gar you have and deep pockets
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