FS: ST (Pickup ONLY)

Ok。。。decided to sell my fat ST。。。estimated to be 15-17"; and thick。。。。this guy is near perfect shape and striping。 his dorsal spins is bit rip right now from a couple of the aros fighting but ill sell him once they heal which is not long。。。but he if you want take him whenever im ok。 This is ultra rare。。。if I am able to actually find one like mine id probably buy more。。。。but right now something is taking precedence。
I am going to regret this I know!。。。。but saving for a new 4 wheel summer toy。 Take it off me now before I retract the sale!
$5000 (Absolutely no negotiation)

$5000 (Absolutely no negotiation)
Beautiful ST! He has gotten a lot bigger since shipping him to you。 I love the extra wide middle bar on this piece。 Younger ST as well which is a bonus!!!

FS: ST (Pickup ONLY) AROWANA Forumfighter fishFS: ST (Pickup ONLY)

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