*NEWCalcium Enriched Phoenix Wormsâ„¢

Check out our new Phoenix Wormsâ„¢;
Phoenix Worms are the only calcium-rich feeder with the perfect balance of calcium and phosphorus, 1。5!1。 This natural balance means that Phoenix Worms can be a staple in your pets diet。 Breeders report that hatchlings that are fed PWs right from the start are more than 30% larger than their clutch mates after just a few weeks! They also note higher activity levels and brighter colours for the babies that were fed PWs。

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Super Cricket,Aquatic serving up a Feast!
*NEW* Calcium Enriched Phoenix Wormsâ„¢ arowanaclub Canada
Check out our new Phoenix Wormsâ„¢。*NEWCalcium Enriched Phoenix Wormsâ„¢*NEWCalcium Enriched Phoenix Wormsâ„¢

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