My Panda Gold various old photos under v

My Panda Gold various old photos under various lightingSome old pics of my fish。。。 Current lighting im using now are 2 15W CF desk lamps。 I have since rearranged decor and removed substrate in place of floor tiles。 I love it because when the fish swims lower the lights really show the gold of its scales My Panda Gold, various old photos under various lighting Arowanaclub canada Some old pics of my fish。。。 very nice! the colour can be quite different under certain lighting conditions。 man i love the gold colour of your PG, I wonder if the gold intensity would be equal to xback。 Wow that sure looks stunning im looking forward to winning the gold on here! LOL。 wow。。。 thats some intense gold n deep blue base too。 how big is the setup and running what filters? Thanks guys,Super Red Arowana I love this fish to death, as you probably have noticed its got the marks from being beat up by a larger arowana。 Its color is not 100% consistent on its scales, some fins have battle scars and some of its scales are somewhat deformed。 Its in a 180g, 90g sump (700 gph), 2 XP3s and 1 AC500。。。 Ill work on some updated pics, but i am a horrible photographer!! I think sunlight brings out the best in the aro。 What a beauty, I love they way they look in natural light。 very nice, love the photo in sunlight love the second pic you aro looks really nice。 great job I dont see a lot of aro planted tank。 Nice setup!

My Panda Gold various old photos under v AROWANA Forum


    My Panda Gold various old photos under v
    2019-09-30 06:42:18 Contents
    Early picture of arowana water mold!

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