2 or more Female Rays in 1 tank

Hi bros
Can anyone advise if its possible to keep just 2 female rays in 1 tank? Will they fight badly? I understand that it is not rrecommended to keep 2 males as higher possibility to fight。

No problem with female rays
>two females no problem。。 as long as the size not very big difference。。 I done that before

2 or more Female Rays in 1 tank Aquaculture Forum>femaes no prob can put as many as u want
>Great。 Thanks for sharing。
So typically, its not advisable to keep male rays together rite?
>males nope。。 they will be more aggressive especially when they are horny
>females no problem
males when matured,harris corporation stingrayhv problem
>generally males tend to fight when they reach breeding size。 other than that no issue。 especially females。
>I have one tank with 3 mature males in it with no problem。 it all comes down to the rays specific personality。 if they get along then great but with any ray male or female you can always run into some issues。 so if the combo does not work then just be ready to separate。
>hope no problem for me。。 i just added 1m and 1f of around 5"; into my tank today
in it is oredi 1 easily 10"; female。。 hope she will take care of them like babies。。。
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