Can help my Aro with HITH?cool home fish

I have also posted it in the disease part!
but i hope to receive more feedback from all thats why i post it also here。。。。i hope admins could also help me with this problem and shed some light on this。。。
my super red has some pin holes on the head suspected to be HITH。 i have read up on Hexamita, food deficiency etc。。
what are you experience with it and how did you overcome it? with or without metranidazole?
im not using any activated carbon。 however,cool home fish tanks i had two pieces of 5kgs metal weights which i have put in the sumps 2weeks ago to hold down the medias in the sump。 i have just removed the weights yesterday and suspected that the cause of the HITH may have been presence of heavy in the water due to the weights。

Can help my Aro with HITH?cool home fish AROWANA Forum i have performed water chg,Can help my Aro with HITH?cool home fish tanksCan help my Aro with HITH?cool home fish tanksPikonni 40% and 70% respectively in a 12 hour gap and added in 0。4% salt within these 2 days。
the SR is swimming and eating well and fine so i suspect it mayb due to heavy metal or lack of certain vitamins which cause HITH and not protozoan attack of hexamita which cause HITH。 i DID NOT notice any white stringy fecal etc。
please advice。
Photos of the aro can be access via the above thread。 Thanks alot for your kind assistance in advance?

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