Best Foods for Growing Aros?

Best Foods for Growing Aros?Best Foods for Growing Aros?I currently have a black arowana on Hikari Food Sticks but i was wondering what would be the best food to train him on besides these? Best Foods for Growing Aros? Arowanaclub Canada I currently have a Black Arowana on Hikari Food Sticks but i was wondering what would be the best food to train him on besides these? Mine eats shrimp, smelts, freeze dried krill, mealworms, and anything else i feed to my other fish。 As far as growing, if you can get your hands on a clean supply, live frogs can work wonders。 i bought a few frogs recently。。。excited to feed my aro i heard of crickets being pretty nutritious for aros but be warned。。。its like crack for them, hard to get them off it once they eat it。 mine starved for a few weeks after i stopped feeding it crickets。 Somebody tried cockroaches? i think its great that yours eats food sticks, mine wont。 my aros crack is earthworms。 it even refuses crickets after i feed it some nightcrawlers。 i hate cockroaches, i dont ever want to purposefully bring them into my house lol supermeal worms are the best。。。 and does not hurt the aro。 Shrimp are great too。 So and using pellets are good too。 It depend on your aro。。 most of the time depends on individual aros。 My RTG will eat a few NLS and massivore pellets, market shrimp, nightcrawlers but loves superworms。 The only issue is he can eat 50 worms and still go for more。 My Chilli only ats superworms, nightcralwers and shrimp。 My baby 24K is already eating Hikari food sticks and Im so thrilled to finally have an aro regularly eat pellets。 Ill eventually have him on meatier foods like shrimp and superworms,Arowana but I want him to have good skeletal growth and so Ill keep him on hikari pellets for a while。 where did you buy the frogs? 1goodcatch, The only relatively cheap feeding frogs you can legally buy in Ontario are the African clawed (about $1 a piece for small ones)。 For an aro bigger than 8 inches, though, this is not sufficient。 For a while I raised my own Leopard frogs。 Thats a route you can take but youre in for some work。 bcarlos said! Yeah, theyre good because they eat anything and everything, so theyre easy to gut load。 I was gut loading mine on brine shrimp and blood worms。 Did wonders for my aros colour。 I guess I have to try blood worms。。。。 Beside the foods mentioned My aros also eat mackerel, lake trout, cichlids and Martins Koi and Trout pellets。 Thats quite the variety! My red, xb and green eat shrimp, sw and the occasional pellet。 I limit the sw, though, as they seem to be addictive to my aros and it is hard to get them back on other foods。 I feed mine whatever I fine in the freezer now。 B4 it was just shrimp, but after I tried mussels, scallop, fillet and beef。 They seam to eat almost anything I through in。 Sometimes as a treat Ill buy them some fresh prawns or dig up some worms。 What kind of Feeder Frogs did you feed the Aro? aro7 said?

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