Nh3 Nh4 always at 1.5 ppm

Hi guys,
seeking some advise pls。

Using the JBL Nh3/Nh4 tester, my reading is always at range of +/- 1。5ppm
This is very consistent on all 3 4x2x2 aquariums。
Each houses an 1 aro, 1 tankmate, 1 sucker
Filtration running on 1 cannister + 3 OHF with minimal filter sponge loads of bio-rings
On all 3 tanks, i did a test before WC another few hours after WC,toxic fish both also yield almost similar results。
PH is +/- 6-7 range
Seeking advice on what should be done to reduce the reading or is this very general among all bros here ?
Thanks lots in advance
This is because your filtration is not able to handle the load。
1) Tank not yet cycled,
2) Under filtered
3) some food or dead stuff stuck somewhere
Use Seachem Prime to neutralise all nitrogen toxic for now, and settle the above mentioned。

Nh3  Nh4 always at 1.5 ppm Aquaculture Forum>Thanks for info bro。。。 but for further discussing。。。
the tanks are few months old,
running 2 separate filtration。 (both 1500 L/hr pumps)
filter sponges rinsed/replaced every few weeks w/o disturbing the bio rings。
Will go get some Seachem Prime。。。 thanks bro
>Wgat filtration are u using? Sumpp? OHF?
>Originally Posted by ethanleow Wgat filtration are u using? Sumpp? OHF? Each tank running on a canister + another 3feet OHF
>Is the fish eating and swimming well? If yes,Nh3 Nh4 always at 1。5 ppm let it be。
In time, the reading will improved as your media seasoned since you mentioned your tank only few months old so your media believed the same。 If you are too concerned,Nh3 Nh4 always at 1。5 ppm maintained regular WC or get another brand of test kit, bro!


    Nh3 Nh4 always at 1.5 ppm
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