Taboos on the Placement of fishbowl

There are two different opinions about the location of fish tank geomantic water. Some people think that fish tank should be put in an exuberant position. The reason is that the motor of fish tank filter keeps running, which makes the water flow in the fish tank circulate continuously. So if the fish tank is put in an exuberant position, it will drive the exuberance in that direction and increase the exuberance.

Taboos on the Placement of fishbowl Sianlon arowana fish farm

1. Fish tanks should not be too large; too large fish tanks will store too much water. From the perspective of geomantic omen, water is important, but too much too deep is not suitable, and fish tanks are too high when they are higher than adults'eyes, so fish tanks in the living room should not be too large and too high, especially for small living rooms.

2. Fish tanks should not be placed in Jifang; any house can not be perfect, there are always some brakes and other existence, using fish tanks to dissolve brakes is one of the clever ways. In geomantic omen, there is a saying of "diverting water into zero hall". The so-called "zero hall" refers to the declining position of misfortune, which means that water can be introduced into the position of misfortune, which can turn misfortune into good luck and turn bad luck into good luck. Therefore, the fish tank should be placed on the evil side, not on the auspicious side.

3. Don't put the fish tank behind the sofa: From the geomantic point of view, it is not appropriate to use water as the backing of the hill, because the water is changeable, depending on it as the backing of the hill, it is difficult to seek stability. Therefore, if the fish tank is placed behind the sofa and a family sits there everyday, it will be hillless and reliable, which will affect the stability of homestead. If the fish tank is placed next to the sofa, it will not hinder the residential geomancy.

4. Don't rush the fish tank against the stove: the fish tank is full of water, while the kitchen stove belongs to fire, because "water" and "fire" rush against each other, so if the fish tank in the living room forms a straight line with the kitchen stove, it will violate the taboo of water and fire rush against each other. Fish tank and stove hedging, will be harmful to the health of family members; the reason is that water and fire, water can overcome fire, the victims of the stove belongs to fire, and the family cooked by this stove, will also suffer. In addition, the fish tank should be placed as far as possible to avoid collision with the platform in a straight line.

5. Don't put the fish tank under the God of wealth: just as the saying goes, "wealth returns to wealth", so such gods of wealth as Fu Lushou Samsung should be placed in the prosperous position, which can add to the splendor. If the God of wealth is placed on the fish tank, it is a big mistake. Because the fish tank should have been placed in the vicious side of the house, if the God of wealth was placed near the fish tank, it would contradict the principle of "returning wealth to its place", and put the God of wealth on the fish tank, that would violate the "god of righteousness" taboo of geomantic omen, there would be a risk of breaking money?

The number of fish should be coordinated with the five elements of the head of the household: how many fish should be kept in the fish tank in order to meet the geomantic omen, mainly according to the five elements of the head of the household.

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