Will you cook them?

Came across these pics while browsing facebook, what are your views on eating the fishes which u rear for years?
Tigrinus,flowerhorn, Stingray,Will you cook them?PikonniArowana ,Pleco (Mp, bullfrog, worm, pellet,algea 。etc )。。。。。
Will you cook them? AROWANA Forum>Expensive meal
>Oh no way 。。。
Would u even eat sumthing u see moving in front of u everyday?
Like if u have a chick
I dun think k ull cook it when its big。
Hell no!
Think Ill puke
>OMG!!! im stunned LOL
>So sickening gross。。 eeee
>Really sick。。。。 How would you bear to eat??? Puke!
>why the heck would anyone try to cook and eat a pleco??!!!
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    Will you cook them?
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