TFB Red VS BullFrog

Who will believe if u nv witness urself?? My TFB n my Red Aro always snatch for BF whenever wkend come。。。。。。。
Sharing a video which I purposely record to share with fellow hobbyist。

Is it amazing for a 8"; TFB to eat BF?
Wow。。 What Monster fish u have there。。

TFB  Red VS BullFrog AROWANA Forum Must be very hungry to go for the frog。。 Lol
Wa eye opener lor
>1st time see tfb eat feeder。。。
>hehe my TFB does that too! BF,baby arowana for sale in usa toman, torsat, mollies。。。
>Mine TFB eat live feeder too snatch food from my aro
>ur tfb learned from ur aro la to eat bf?TFB Red VS BullFrog

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