Tank to FGT!!!types of tiger fish

Hi all bros。。。 Bought a 6ft(L)x3ft(W)x2。5ft(H) FGT with glass panel from seaview last week for my gars collection。 Still pondering over how to make a nice cover, what media to use for filter box, what kinds of lights to use etc。。。 Was doing a WC this evening,types of tiger fish took a short video while waiting for water to be suck out which took quite a while。 HAHA!!! Any ideas for the above mentionto share with me? Feel free to comment!!
Top view,

Tank to FGT!!!types of tiger fish AROWANA Forum Im using photobucket to upload, not sure if its clear or laggy。 Pls let me know or any kind bros can help me upload via youtube whatsapp me at 84482030 pls。 I will send you the video。 Thanks a million!!! Feel free to comment!!!
Try this link,
>yr FGT put gravels, it is not a good idea, Ammonia tends to be trap inside the gravel,MALAYSIA GOLDEN AROWANA it could induce Ammonia spike one fine day。
all your fishes is predatory species, eat and shit alot, u may need a skimmer also on that。
any other media in your filter box inside??
>Since you already have a partial cover, you could get a piece of glass or acrylic cover for the remaining uncovered area which would look nice to view from top。 Be sure to place away from water bubbles as you wont like when water splash on the underside and you have to wipe them off。 Make sure there is sufficient ventilation or water droplets will condense too。Tank to FGT!!!types of tiger fish

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