Any hobbyist into Jikin

This is another beautiful goldfish but no luck to own them。

Love the red lips
>Seaview got a lot
Chinese is ";jin he";
>Originally Posted by Jimmyboy88 Seaview got a lot
Chinese is ";jin he"; Hahaha。。。。bro those are the comets,dragon fish for sale online shuban kin or hokin。
the tail is different, jikin come with peacock tail。
>haha yes, now you say it, the tail is diff
very unique tail
this type can grow very big
>Yes I heard can grow above 12";
>Any idea where to buy or admire this kind of fish??
>What is the differences between jin he or ho kim? are these all comets?
>very hard to find Jikin at our LFS,Any hobbyist into Jikinhappy hunting hope you find it spread the poison here

Any hobbyist into Jikin AROWANA Forum>Jin kin is rare and not easy to source in local。
Ho kin is quite close to jin kin but different in 7 pointers colouration and peacock tail。
Ho kin can be found in local but seasonal , cny can spot them in LFS easily。
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