Babies columbia oscar

Hi my new babies columbia oscar
Colour still nice and cute before turn into black2


Babies columbia oscar AROWANA ForumIts so cute bro, Cheers
>Oscar looking great all very well fed。
>Originally Posted by Yeti Originally Posted by hcfeng Its so cute bro, Cheers Originally Posted by KFan Oscar looking great all very well fed。 Thanks bro,
My son really happy, cant buy him a clown fish (nemo), Baby oscar will do。 He he he
>Cute and nice baby oscars bro
>Love the look。
>Very nice pattern。。。wonder how it looks like when adult。。。
>nice bro what type is this never see this type oscar before
>Wild type orinoco or columbia oscar,Babies columbia oscar
astronotus ocellatus
But colour wise not so fantastic when grow bigger,Babies columbia oscarastronotus ocellatus and they are fast grower。

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