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Today at around 12 plus went down to a farm to choose my birthday gift with my wife。 In the end gotten this 3 baby
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You go to the wrong place,mote aquarium end up buying presents for yourself hahaha。。。smart moves。
Wife birthday gift should go Takashimaya/ paragon/ jewellery shop not arowana farm or LFS
>Thats the way。 Smart bro。
>haha i think he meant。。 his brithday gift。。 so go farm with wife。。 he choose fish wife pay hahahahahha issit?
They are in tank now。。
Cant take a proper photo, waiting my fren to lend me dslr then take better photo for u guys And yeah, is my birthday。 My wife buy give me。 Hehehehehe
Heres another photo of them swimming happily
>Congrats bro, u gotten a great spouse。 Nice picks and happy birthday too。。
>Happy birthday bro。。。 And good catch。。。 Some more 3 together, your wife very generous。。。

My Arowana comm Aquaculture Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheet>Power la bro your comm。 Really solid。 Saturday visit you liao la HAHA
>wah bro good choice man maybe a video of these beauties ?
>Nice comm
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    Arowana feeding process!

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