3pc red com

3pc red comhoused 6pcs previously。。。but 3 died due to sickness

I love their bulk。 So cool!
>Bro its marvellous,big arowana fish care to share the size of your tank and reds from which lfs。 It is fantastic。
>awesome reds。。。kinda curious what is the Chinese word in the background。。。feng yun?
>thks all for the kind comments。
>matthew! quality reds !
do you notice more squabbles now that there is abit more space after the other 3 died ?
>same。。。some minor fights here and there。。。
>Solid big reds you have there bro

3pc red com AROWANA Forum>Soild size。 Nice red
>Something seems not right with the PLJ red
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