Nirox carbon ammoniom ..

I put nirox carbon ammonium on my top head filer but its make my tank dirt evn after run for 12hrs still same !!
Why ? Is necessary to put carbon ammonium chip ?
carbon and ammonia chips help with the smeel and absorb chemicals but if not changed regularly they can leak chems that they have absorbed back in the tank。 me personally i do not use either of them and dont really suggest them as if you keep a clean tank and a regular waterchange scedule they are not needed。
solidraj let us know more about your tank and filtration set up so we know what we aer working with。 if your tank is dirty then it sounds like you need more mechanical filtration and not chemical filtration。
also i dont know if your saying that putting these in made your tank dirty or if your asking why it is not cleaning the dirt out? if it made your tank dirty did you not wash them off before adding them。
>Actually mine is top head power filter 。。 Got one layer sponge then Ceramic Ring 。。 My water is clean but i heard ammonium chip is good 。。 so i put carbon ammoninum chip after wash inside filter them since carbon like black colour rite so its start to pollute my aquarium 。。。 evn after run 12hrs still same 。。 I change water again twice today around 20% !! hope not stress my fish /
>how thick of carbon did you get and is it in a bag or how is it set up? i would just take the carbon out and just stick to your normal wcs!meyataquarium

Nirox carbon  ammoniom .. AROWANA ForumNirox carbon ammoniom 。。

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