DFI Aros to clear at C328

Hi all,
In order to make room for new stocks, we are pleased to announce these further discounts for the existing fishes -
1。 Rose Golds AA+15-16 inches x 3pcs at $450 each (previously S$550,group of companies in malaysia then S$490)。

2。 Rose Golds AA+ 12-13 inches x 5pcs at S$360 each (previously S$430, then S$390)。 - fish tank closer to the cashier
3。 Pahang Gold AA++ x 5pcs at S$370 each (previously S$499, then S$399) - fish tank closer to the front
4。 BMB Xbacks AA x 3pcs at S$250 each (previously S$330, then S$299, then S$269)。
Many thanks for the kind support。
Mrs Goh
Hi all
Sorry, I have indicated the wrong locations -
Bigger Rose Golds 15-16 inches (3pcs) are at the Cashier table while smaller Rose Golds 12-13 inches (5pcs) are nearer to the front of the shop。 When you enter the shop, please look on your right。
Mrs Goh
>Hi are ur pahang golds still avail?

DFI Aros to clear at C328 Aquaculture Forum>Hi
Sorry, no, they are no longer available。
Mrs Goh?DFI Aros to clear at C328DFI Aros to clear at C328

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