aquaria aquariumReview of Reputation Sys

aquaria aquariumReview of Reputation Systemaquaria aquariumReview of Reputation System
Hi neosh,
I was thinking why not discard the new disapproval(zap) part from the Reputation System and stick to the earlier one which doesnt hv any since the forum already has a Infraction System in place。If ";really"; possible,scrap the Whole Reputation System。
Iam suggesting this bcoz i believe majority of the members here are aware and knew what this so call ";zaps"; can lead to,example; misunderstandings/rage/jealousy/mass zapping,whining etc。We hv seen enough of this crabs in other forums which didnt go well and turn away many hobbyist。Best to fine tune it now since AFT is still young and in top gear to promote fish keeping hobby to get new memebers to join the team。
Not sure whether how many did read AFTs Vision,Mission and Objectives,aquaria aquariumwhich i observe professionally written and got the ";class"; touch,dont think most forum has this。If u miss out,heres for ur reading pleasure
Just my humble suggestion,nothing personal,cheers
agreed with u about the disapproval part, bro killbill。 i believe those web giants like yahoo or google will implement this after RD, if its so good to have。 harmony is very important !
or maybe can consider place it at buy/sell forum as a transaction reference for others, like 1 of the MOD suggested。
as for approval part, i believe there r many bros enjoying this game, nothing bad afterall。 so i think its kind of enhancement for more members to join here。
just sharing my POV。
>Bro thomas,agree with u too,on placing it at buy/sell forum as a transaction reference for others,MALAYSIA GOLDEN AROWANA";harmony"; is a very big word to accomplish,even world leaders are struggling to put it together for world peace,lolz
Cyber world is huge,its tough to please and fine tune everyone to one channel,furthermore i believe AFT is a non profitable forum,to cut it short,";its free"; i also assume AFT management has gone thru alots of hassel to setup this forum。
If all members take it as a game,its fine,mission accomplish,if dont,its back to the tomb,thats what worries me。End of the day,its the managements and members call,cant ask for more,as its free to surf here,were not paying to get attendant。Thats y i posted my thread here at suggestion forum and not else where to suggest matters related to forum。cheers
>Every rule or system has its pros and cons, same applied to reputation system。 There is no perfect system cater for everybody。 What we can do is to deter people from abusing it for personal revenge or playing a fool。 For addressing this issue, we choose to enable the user to see who up/zap him。 That is, it becomes transparent。 Even though zapping is offensive to others, we view it as necessary as sometime people do need to be zapped, e。g。 posting very misleading message, misbehave, and etc。
Reputation system is one of the most powerful feature of vBulletin software, and vBulletin is the most popular forum software even though it is not free。 In general, people like to receive good reputation and in certain degree that helps to motivate them to contribute more to the forum。 Others treat it as game by going around to up people and hope that in return people will up them back, and by doing so they also increase their friendship network。

aquaria aquariumReview of Reputation Sys AROWANA Forum Reputation system is basically used for self moderation amongst users。 This is especially useful when the forum becomes large and help to reduce the workload of moderators。
Please use the reputation system wisely to encourage good contribution from users and make this forum a success。 Thanks。
>I kinda agree that we need the upz and zap as a checking mechanism on individual behaviour。 It is not a matter of how we value rep points but rather lighten the mod burden。 On top of it, it is most important that we should not allow the zap become a battle tool for sub-groups which may form here。 I believe everyone here just want to enjoy fish-keeping as amicable as possible so lets just chill and relax。 ps。。 dun zap me hor。。 I just giving my two cents worth
>if we want the zap crap i suggest making it visable to all so that ppl cant hide behind the annonimity of it all and post crap。
>neosh,facts noted,happy fish keeping mate
>Originally Posted by xander if we want the zap crap i suggest making it visable to all so that ppl cant hide behind the annonimity of it all and post crap。 I second that, if zapping isnt anonymous, that would prevent any o how zaps。 Then again, members can still abuse the system by countering whoever that zapped them, promoting zapping conflicts as well。
>then people would think twice before zapping, and your ";reputation"; can depend on how many ";ups"; you recieve rather than how many zaps。 imo a more pleasent system with the same result
>Honestly I do not like the term ";Reputation";。
Came across a forum
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