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Hi Guys,
These are the little cuties i first check,upon waking up every morning。
Cute little CBR, I think all of us having the same habit。 First thing in the morning, check our babies keke
Lucky my OC is not the jealous type if not my goldfishes going to suffer
>Bro, mind sharing where you get all these kwat kwat TVR?
Hardly can see in LFS。
>the only place that i have went before and sell TVR (currently) is at 8quatics at pasir ris farmway 1。 currently not much tvr being sold commercially。 so,i got these from a local breeder。 if you are interested in buying them,do PM me for their contacts。
>I saw TVR from 8quatics before, Boss James was showing a piece of show grade juv tosai wow really nice
Are you referring to Lawrence and jenn?
I have Lawrence contact, suppose to join the open house but was engage in my tight working schedule, miss the opportunity。
>yes, i got it from them。 me too。 but i joined the workshop。 do join us in may。
>Hopefully Im able to sneak out from the tiring tight work schedule, maybe you can post on behalf to let other members aware of this wonderful workshop here。
>i will! no worries。 hope to encourage new hobbyist to keep TVR。 hehehe。
>nice cbrs。。。。is that you mr taufiq?

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