NTT Dat. FS Toronto.

North Thailand Tiger Datnoid, 8"; (measured) grown out since 2"; eats everything, including pellets。 $80。 NTT Dat。 FS Toronto。 Arowanaclub Canada North Thailand Tiger Datnoid,Indonesia SUPER RED AROWANA 8"; (measured) grown out since 2"; eats everything,NTT Dat。 FS Toronto。 including pellets。 $80。 wish you were in van I`d buy lol Do you still have this fish? Yuppa, I wish I was in Van too,NTT Dat。 FS Toronto。 lol。 Kevin Mak, just posted today, still available。 Sale pending。。。 Nice looking fish Nice looking fish man thank you thank you very much Your welcome Kevin, glad your a happy camper?

NTT Dat. FS Toronto. AROWANA Forum

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