Red Tail Cat

Cat Fish abt 2ft size
going to a pond soon for this well fed fellow?
>Very nice fella there
How big a tank is he in ?

I assume that they are no tankmates

Red Tail Cat Aquaculture Forum It must cost a bomb feeding it
Thanks for sharing
>Very nice RTC。 Well-fed。
>wow this fella looks fat!must be very good life。。hehehe,thanks for sharing
>Very fat RTC, must be good eat good sleep hehe
>nice cat i like his tail so red 。
>nice cat。。。if not for its gigantic size, i would have kept it too。
>Very well taken care of bro!! Too bad cant have big tanks in my house。 Only can limit to hypans。 If not would be one of the choice for my comm tank。
>thanks bros。。。
this fatty was 3"; when i got it ,hygieneteknikk as when it grew to around 8-9"; it start to attack my aro 。。。
so i hand him over to a friend whom really TLC , fed with those nasi lemak fish bought from supermarket,Red Tail CatRed Tail Cat thats how it grows so big now。。
only 1 tank mate a LouHan fish in a 4ft tank that is not in the picture。。。
Wonder will it outgrow the tank 。。。。 hahaha
thanks for viewing。。。
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