Sharing my Bristlenose.

Sharing my Bristlenose。Sharing my Bristlenose。Just bought 1 pair of bristlenose 2 week ago。 While cleaning tank saw the small one juv escapee from cave so decided to take the parent out and left the juvs in the tank。 Yesterday went out to buy 3 more female and hopefully will get more juvs in 1 month time。 Hopefully they can grow fast。 Enjoy please

So fast breed liao, congratulations
>Ya。 Today afternoon saw 2 of the new females also have their eggs out of the cave and the last female trapped inside it。 I dont know how strong is the male。 3 days later will know if the juv going to hatch or dead。
May i know where u bought ur pleco?
So fast got babies
>Go QH to look for it。
>Congrats on the early birth bro!
>Congrats bro,new company registration malaysia pleasant surprises。
>Congrats bro。。 Hope ur pseuda breed for u soon。。
>Originally Posted by Henryng Go QH to look for it。 Which one u brought ??
The price of the pleco??
There is so many pleco at qh?

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