Info about new laws in the U。S
AMERICAN FISH LAWS? Arowanaclub Canada
Info about new laws in the U。S
I think thats just anew bill introduced。 I dont think its law,Singapore Sianlonfish tank and hobbyists in the US better hope it doesnt become law。 They will be in the same boat as Australia,AMERICAN FISH Lfish tankAWS?AMERICAN FISH Lfish tankAWS? and possibly worse。 They will not be able to import fish without going through alot of red tape and quarantine stations。 Many non-native species will simply be banned。
When and if it happens we might be able to buy some nice fish out of the us。。。。lol?
As long as Canada doesnt follow the U。S。
It failed to get passed in the US last week。

Watch out PETA might try it here。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。
I think we should start keeping crazy PETA members in our tanks。。!

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