Xback co125 gallon aquariummm?

Xback co125 gallon aquariummm?My xback in my 5ft tank for 1 month alr,SUPER RED AROWANA got chance can comm with other aro? 7-8 inch
try to choose at least 2 or more aros with the same size as your current aro。 Reason being most of the times 2 aros will fight till death if not a pair, there are cases 2 aros can be comm peacefully but you need to monitor。
Adding of wavemakers and a few tank mates to distract the aro will help chances of fighting。
its always a roll of a dice when it comes to aro comm, i bought a comm of 5 pcs together since young they still fight, swapped 2 aros and now better, although fights now and then bound to happen。
your tank 5ft tank has ample space for at least 5 aro comm which is something you can consider bro, just a penny of my thoughts and hope it helps
>Better start with 1,125 gallon aquarium3,5,7 as what bro blackcat mentioned bro。 But all depends on luck!
>All depends on luck。
I had once a very very mild tempered very big Aro
Once he went in all the other aros dare not fight。
>If you got the budget sell away this aro buy a new comm of aros lesser risk。
>Originally Posted by Jay321 My xback in my 5ft tank for 1 month alr, got chance can comm with other aro? 7-8 inch One important factor to consider before commit to have many aros in a comm。 Are u able to tahan and accept injuries to aro like dropped scales, torn tailfin and torn finages???
>I used to have a dozen aros sizes around 17"; in 6 footer tank。 They didnt fight for territory, may be because theres no space to fight for Very cramped。
However, i observed that whenever i bought aro that kept in individual tank by previous owner, the fish tend to be more aggressive。
If u want to have a peaceful aro comm tank, it is advisable to buy aro that previously kept in comm tank, rather than the one in individual tank。
>can as long as u have two or more arowana
>Decided to sell my current aro to buy more to comm。 Thanks for all the advice。 Do you guys know any shops or any of u want a xback? Need to find it a good home
>Nvr try nvr know
Must hv heart of steel
Must hv plan B if dun work out
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