vatf or gatf

Is it keeping these 2 easy when they are around 4";。。。。。。。kept 2 and they keep dying
Same as any other 4";。。。depends on yr water management。 If comm with others。。。。gv us more details。。。
>Need to pump feeder too
>I ever keep 3 vatf and 2 gatf all around 3 inch end up all my vatf die because fight with my gatf
>I think at this size really v fragile。 if can try pump with feeders up to 8inch before training MP。
And they get spooked v easily so try to keep them individually
>I find VATF more aggressive in packs。 At one point i had about 8, think it was 6VATF and 2GATF,vatf or gatfvatf or gatfbig shoulders all about 9in and up。 the VATFs are more skittish but they gang up and attack the larger GATFs。 i saw them literally took turns having a go at the GATFs and taking chunks of flesh off the poor fish。 eventually they took each other out one by one。
>Go for a solo gatf paji!
I prefer gatf over vatf
>Enough of feeders will reduce the chance of them fighting。 Kind of nervous when smaller。

vatf or gatf AROWANA Forum>Thanks all for the beautiful info。。。。。。。1 was kept from 4"; with 3 pbs about a month it died。。。2nd was kept with a 5"; dorado sharing feeders til 5 and half inch got no feesers dorado start to bite vatf tail and died。。。。。think should get ard7"; more stable would be the best
>they looks very fierce but very fragile 。
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