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do all reds eventually turn ALL red? or do ppl have to buy high grades or tan their aros。 red arowanas Arowanaclub Canada do all reds eventually turn ALL red? or do ppl have to buy high grades or tan their aros。 Not all reds will turn completely red。 There is first grade red, then also 1。5 grade red。 Most 1。5 grade wont turn red, maybe red finage, but you get what you pay for。 Also your aros parents has a the most influence, diet, water quality,f&b company in malaysiared arowanasf&b company in malaysia lighting, and then luck! Some reds do completely turn red, but it takes them 3-5 years。 Not all reds turn red and it takes least 5 years for the red to reach its full potential of getting to the point where you can say ";this red wont be red even at 10 yrs";。 Reds are tanned to bring out the red within the red pigments and high grades give higher chances of being red but no guarantee。 Higher grades basically means reds at young age that shows promising feature that when grown up it will be red thus higher prices。 But nothing is 100% since 5 years is an awfully long time to predict what happens to the red and how the owner tans the red。 A true red is one that turns red without tanning, that i believe is a high quality red。 Super reds are by far the hardest Asian Arowana to raise as their potential ranges so much, a lot of reds will never turn red,f&b company in malaysiared arowanasGoldend Arowana but if you raise a quality red it is that much more satisfying Most super red aro that were kept outside, such as in outdoor pond turn really bright red。 Its probably the sunlight helps it to bring the red color。 Yes lighting is a factor in the aro turning red。 A diet high in the red beta-carotene is very important many people say。 Some aros can be bright red after just one year and some might take many years to just get to be reddish/orange colour。 thanks for the info seems like alot of work and time for these guys to develope, i guess i wont be getting one anytime soon in the near future not all super reds will turn red。 tanning is only a phase, theyll turn red due to the lighting burning their pigments, but will eventually go back to what it was before the tanning。 the best way to get a red is to buy from reputable breeders with proven quality stocks。 but then again, even from same batches, there will be high n low qualities。 no guarantees for red。 so goodluck?


    f&b company in malaysiared arowanas
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