Ikan Jelawat aka Sultan fish

Safely home,aquarium this Jumbo massive body
Nice fish with pinkish red tailfin and finages。 It reminds me of my previous 15 incher which was jumpy when spooked by tankmates or when switching on the lights。。。 Whats the size and any idea is fish a male or female???
>Good size bro。。 Very nice
>Nice,real solid piece bro。
>Looks yummy if steam bro ! Haha joking lah great pet massive body。

Ikan Jelawat aka Sultan fish AROWANA Forum>At this size is rare i think。 sweet
>According to our resident Chef, must steam HK style eat together with the soft scales
>Now there are 2
>Nice,very majestic looking。Ikan Jelawat aka Sultan fishIkan Jelawat aka Sultan fish

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