5 inch red ear slider turtle comm with a

Has any good bro tried this before?My turtle is currently happy with my redtail catfis which is about 8inch
Thinking of getting a aro in the near futureany advice?

Bro my 5 inch RES murdered my 9 inch peacock bass。 Ate 1/3 body before I realised。 Even though I feed it everyday。 Turtle are at the top of the food chain。 Not advisable to put with our precious aro。 One day they might decide to take a chunk of that big Kim Kim or Ang Ang aro!
>oh no。。。
unless u got a huge tank with ample hiding space, your fish are goners
>RES may look friendly and innocent in disguise hehehe。。。Try at own risk bro
>big turtle the nails super long and sharp。。。 if me im not letting my aro anywhere near it。
one analogy is like motorbike bang car
one is flesh wrap metal vs one is metal wrap flesh
turtle shell unbreakable by fish。。。 fish body tio one scratch bybeye liao
>Dont be foolish。 Nothing happen doesnt mean wun happen。
Just matter of time。
People comm with much more docile turtle than a res end up also eaten up their fish。
>I was surprised when my RES eat the bull frog which is meant for my arowanas。
>Res eats almost anything thats edible。 I fed my left over pasta also eat。
>Hi bro,
In all aspects, its highly not adviceable to put RES with other fishes。

5 inch red ear slider turtle comm with a AROWANA Forum The current condition between your RES RTC might be one where the RES are not big enough to eat up the RTC。
As such they are living in harmony but the time will come when the RES is big strong enough to attack the RTC。
Do consider carefully before you make your decision if you are going to put in other fishes as well。arowana fish varieties5 inch red ear slider turtle comm with arowana and redtail catfish5 inch red ear slider turtle comm with arowana and redtail catfish

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