aquarium restaurant los angelesTikum LH

aquarium restaurant los angelesTikum LHHi bros, waht do you think of my 1。5 inch tikum Lh(before and after) ? Appreciate your comments
Potential to Kok n looks short body。
>Think so too, damn fierce, jump up and bite my finger when feeding
>Hi bro, your tikum kana first price liow。。。。
>Beautiful LH,Goldend Arowana
By the way, is it a KF ?
>Thanks bro Loner, not sure if its a KF,aquarium restaurant los angeles but I love it to bits as I seen it grow from less than 1"; to now 1。5";。 This hobby is really relaxing
>Nice nice。 Can see many many shiny pearlies with huge potential of Kok。
>Nice development I bought 2 tikam LHs too and is grooming them。
>Potential piece, nice koky。
>Sorry to hijack but where do you get these tikum LH
Really feel like getting one for my little girl
Let her learn how to be responsible for a pet
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