Sakura Tigers hanging at side of tank

My Sakuras and Tigers are clinging themselves to the side of the tank walls。 The tank sides are filled and full of algaes。 Could it be because of the algaes the shrimps feel more comfortable at?
Feeding la if base on what you mention。 But tiger and sakura water parameter requirement both different leh。 Tiger need much much lower water temp to do well if not they will just ding dong one by one which happened to my previous keeping。
>ya I realised it when I read on your reply on one of the AF member shrimp thread。 My water in my office is about 26 deg and lower due to air-conditioner blowing on it。 hope it can cope。 if not really waste money liao lo。 haha!sumatran tiger numbersSakura Tigers hanging at side of tankSakura Tigers hanging at side of tank

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