Massive sumo gold bar

Finally after a long break from the forums, i would like to share a piece of my collection,goliath tigerfish
One of the few Golden Arowanas left in my community tank。
Only 2 years old but already 20 ~ 21 Inches in size。
Very peaceful in nature。
Massive sumo gold bar Aquaculture ForumThick 24k gold frame,
Thanks for looking !
Sumo aro rocks。。。 Below is my 18"; sumo G2 and pale in comparison to ur golden。。。
Attachment 13177
>Nice aro bro。。。 How big is ur tank?
>Awsome sumo bro wongkfs,they get gd tlc frm you。。
>Only 2 years old but already 20 ~ 21 Inches in size。? must be bump feeding everyday ya。。。。
>Nice peaceful comm you got
>Nice comm。。。 Mine Is still waiting for them to end the war。。。
>Nice sumo comm
>Very nice gold。 Is the sixth lvl coming up?
>Nice gold aro
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