coeurguppy gave birth

coeurguppy gave birthcoeurguppy gave birthMy guppy gave birth 3rd times this morning。
When I realised, I only manage to find 4 fries surviving。 The first times was 3; 2nd time was 4。 The remaining were eaten by the male female adult guppy。 I believe so by Judging from their shit。
normally how many fried can a guppy reproduce at a time?
a lot , maybe 30 to 50 or more。
>If stomach still big may have more to come。 U need separate them if possible or cage the parent let the fries out of the cage。
>How frequent can it deliver?
One of my female guppy always carry big stomach; another one not productive。
>The female guppy gestation period is around 26-31 days, can be even longer。 Some females can give birth up to 100 fries while some only 10。 depends on the females,Super Red Arowanacoeur not all are the same。 If you want your fries to have more chance of survival without removing the female into breeder container i suggest you put loads of plants in there or a spawning mop for them to hide。
>After 25 days, today got another 10 pieces new born。 Found it early so more fires survived?

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