Male and Female red terror

Male and Female red terrorMale and Female red terrorHi guy, just bought a wild male red terror from a nice bro, put together with my red terror, surprise that just change her colour la。 Let share with all of u a video of my red terror。
All comments are welcome!
Congrats on your pair bro!
>Thanks bro。 Hope can form a pair la。
>Originally Posted by raymond Thanks bro。 Hope can form a pair la。 Soon can see fries Liao!
>Hi guy, let share another vid of my male and female red terror,shedd aquarium thanks !
>swee swee, hope they spawn
>Lovely pair。 Excellent

Male and Female red terror AROWANA Forum>Nice rt pair。。 Hope to hear gd news fm u soon。。
>Great looking couples you have there。
>Nice terror pair bro, u still keep other cichlid as well??
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