Barca - Full Length Shot

Enjoy, Justin Morash Barca - Full Length Shot Arowanaclub canada Cool as hell man。 Thanks man。 I love him,shedd aquarium but Im disappointed that the chase is over。 haha。 JMorash said! Freakin awesome。 did you pick up a pair or just one?。。。。either way they are one on the wish list for sure nice fish 。。。 Right on man Is that substrate the new stuff for African cichlids? The substrate is actually a mixture of estes black and a dark grey geo systems sand。 The mixture looks cool and it doesnt really affect the water parametres。 Jmorash aaronc - I only got the one。。。 for now。。 aaronc said! JMorash said! Haha Im still figuring out how Im going to afford those Gerry。

Barca - Full Length Shot AROWANA ForumBarca - Full Length Shot

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