My Black Daimond Pair

I,m Jeff from the Netherlands and i want to show you all my BD Pair
My Black Daimond Pair AROWANA ForumBeauty of the beholder。 Nice collections
>Got from where?
>Thank you,My Black Daimond Pair I,My Black Daimond Pairaquarim verry happy with them!
>Hi bro,
Care to share what kind of price tag for this kind of BD in Holland?
>For the pair i payed 2500 euro
>Nice BD pair。 Whats the size? Bigger piece female?
>Good looking couple
>Originally Posted by LFC Nice BD pair。 Whats the size? Bigger piece female? the smaller one is the female。
de big one is the male
over a few weeks i will buy one more female。
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