Hahahahaha who Girl Frlive fishiend is t

Malaysian girl publicly scolds BF for not buying her bigger car and house

A girl in Malaysia was seen yelling at her boyfriend in public for not buying her a bigger car and house as passers-by watch -- even telling off a man who tried to interfere。
This video was posted by a Facebook user Henry Xavier Kueh, and it all started with a can of coke。
At the start of the video, the woman can be hear yelling!
";Why did you buy me coke? You know I dont drink coke。";
Her boyfriend tried to explain that the other drinks were sold out, but his girlfriend was not accepting that reason。
A few onlookers had gathered and a few were also filming this argument, but the woman continued to lash out at her boyfriend in a conversation better suited to be in private。
She criticised at his current car,live fish saying it was too small and that he had to buy a bigger one。 She also talked about him not getting her a house。
She continued!
";Where am I going to live? Did you think about our future?";
She had given him a one-year deadline,indo fish which was apparently up。
A man, believed to be a random passer-by, comes up to them trying to intervene -- only to end up getting yelled at by the woman as well。
She shouts at him in Cantonese!
";This is none of your business! This is between us。";
The man then picks up the can of coke she has thrown on the ground。
The exasperated boyfriend had tried to explain that he needs time to work and find a house。 He walks away despite his girlfriend yelling at him to stay put。
Hahahahaha who GF is this ha????? Kekekekekeke
I like woman to be dominant!!!
Infact I love them!
PS! Only when she is horny!!!
>Hehehehehe actually we are waiting for BIG BOSS TYR to teach us ";How to tame her?"; Kekekekekeke
>the guy too patient。 cannot tahan。
>Originally Posted by GIN Hehehehehe actually we are waiting for BIG BOSS TYR to teach us ";How to tame her?"; Kekekekekeke hi big boss gin give her 3!16
>she really feels she can lord over the bf。
>This girl loves cars n big houses
Must burn for her big paper car n Hse
Idiot women
A guy loves u,gve u food n shelter is good enough already
Still demand more
Gve u everyting u ask for but not being true n faithful towards u can or not
What a HOE dumb ass
Dont forget HOE
Wen enter n exit fr this world we dont bring
Anything with us
>Hmm is it stage?? Still can be so natural when someone so close filming it 。。。
>Originally Posted by Tian Ya Ren hi big boss gin give her 3!16 Wow!!!! BIG BOSS TYR, What is 3!16????
>big boss GIN here u go?Hahahahaha who Girl Frlive fishiend is this ha?????

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