Hello everyone @ AFT im a newbie

Hello everyone @ AFT im a newbieHello everyone @ AFT im a newbieGood day to all AFT members,
Im a newbie in this hobby。 Glad to join up。 Hope to share more and meet more friends。
Please add me up at Facebook, if you wish,big shoulders i can be found with my email address,[email ;protected]。
Thanks, hope to see you guys soon。

Hello everyone @ AFT im a newbie AROWANA ForumWelcome to AFT, reaper78。
>Welcome to AFT。
>Hi Bro Reaper78,
Welcome to AFT family。 Hope to see you more often, do share with us
fish keeping encounter。 Cheers!
>welcome to AFT bro Reaper78,
glad you join us, do update your collection to share with us huh。
enjoy your stay in forum and chatroom
>Hello, dear members。
Currently, i have 2 tanks, comm, with various fishes。 For now, these are the fishes that i have。
rtg arowana, TKL arowana, Tig, Juru, Florida Gar, Endi, Ornate, IT, AT, Fire Eel, Royal Pleco, Whiptail Catfish, Black Ghost Knife, Gold Cobra Channa, Burmese Channa, Rainbow Channa, Rainbow Wolf Fish。
Still gaining experience and learning, looking for more, suitable predatory fishes to add。
>Welcome reaper78 bro,
hope u enjoy AFT and share share ur experiences with us
>Share and learn about our wonderful hobby, more than willing。 Hope to see you guys at the next meet up。
Though im thoroughly and utterly disappointed。
>welcome to AFT bromy apologises to you as i have know the truth from admin。hope you can make yourself clear by posting there again so other bros will not be mistaken like me。i truely hope you can enjoy your stay here
>Allow me to welcome you cos I also just join AFT。
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    Hello everyone @ AFT im a newbie
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    【asian arowana types】

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