GH Arowana

GH ArowanaGH Arowanagood day people!
quite a newbie to this hobby。
got this as my advanced Xmas gift today from GlexAquatic!
Hope he will be kim kim all over in time to come!
groom well groom well bro thanks for sharing。
>welcome to this hobby。。keep us in update urs kim kim!
>More pictures? Looking good!
>Nice xmas present bro。。。 Hope to see your update soon。。
>Under your hand sure turn up 24 K gold bar wait for me getting le
>Looks good。 Do keep us update on it。
>Nice fish bro。 Update us。 Head havent gold yet ah
>yup。 will do!

GH Arowana AROWANA Forum>Goldhead? Quite an active piece,aquarium groom it well
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