Cycling new 6ft tankfluval

Hi ive got a used 6ft tank。 The medias in the sump tank was transferred from previous owner today after clearing 2 days ago。 Need advice as i am new to sump tank as using cannister previously。。
1) How long do i need to cycle the tank before putting my 19"; aro in? I hv only 3 days before i handover my old tank。
2) Heard there is something to speed up BB growth, any recommendation?
3) Any other important issues I need to take note of?

Cycling new 6ft tankfluval AROWANA Forum Appreciate all inputs as timing is tight for me。。。 Btw I will only add water in new tank tmrw nite due to new silicon done this afternoon。
Forgot to add that medias in the sump tank are jap mat, bio balls,Cycling new 6ft tankfluval bacteria house, CC and biohome plus。。。
>There are a lot of product outhere to help bacteria cultivation。
I personally recommend seachem stability。 Used on my new tank with ITs inside without any prob。
Keep monitoring ur water parameter。。 Thats the key。
If ur aro look stess put some conditioner。。 Recommend seachem neutral regulator or seachem prime。 (Yeah。。 I am a seachem believer。。 Hahah)
>Best if you can transfer live media from your old tank into your new sump。 It will significantly speed up the cycling process。
Otherwise, get Biozym capsules。 Open the capsules and scatter the powder over your bio media。 Add water to your tank,Cycling new 6ft tankfluvalfish tank for two fish then add seachem stability or microbe-lift nite out II。 This combination of bacteria boosters work for me all the time。
In addition, add 0。1% salt (weight/volume)。 This is to protect your fish from nitrite poisoning if it happens that your tank hasnt fully cycled。
If you dont have dry ammonia, use a few tinfoil barbs during this process。 They should survive the cycling period without any short term harm。
>There quite a few positive feedbacks by some bros of using a product call (Wizz) by Stones Aquarium which enable you to add your fish immediately if time is really tight for you。
>Besides adding these enhanced products,fluval Ill be using my existing 422 tank water into the new tank as much as possible。。。 so i guess this will also help speed up my cycling process。 So 2-3 days shd be enough before I transfer my aro over ?
>Bro, New tank? Waiting for you to showcase your new tank。
>Originally Posted by Cedric Bro, New tank? Waiting for you to showcase your new tank。 Its a used tank。。 less than 3 yrs old。。。
>Started running the sump tank today。。。 find noisy water sound at the corner compartment whereby the water goes into the sump tanp pipe。 Is it normal? Wat effective methods can lessen or eliminate the noise?
>Add some bioball in the overflow will reduce water sound。
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