Post here for wonderful tigers collectio

Post here for wonderful tigers collection odd clean Y bar 。We all knows that the demand for 3 bar clean is always lesser and lesser due to ? and also normally we do find 3 bar clean but is just a 1。5"; unstable , is that worth to give it a try ? Or play safe to get a 4 "; 。 Post here for wonderful aft collection ! Y Bar is that rare and so far anyone has ?
Attachment 10563Attachment 10564Attachment 10565Attachment 10566Attachment 10567Attachment 10568Attachment 10569Attachment 10570Attachment 10571 those my past collection comments ?
>My It
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>Nice bar you have
>All are so beautiful bars tigers,sting way bros。
>Originally Posted by Thaiho My It
Unique pc of tiger, TFS
>those are the stable 24/7 often without semi at all except last pic but sad all sold to someone who can takecare of 。 Sometimes I dont even get to see the tigers at tank as working often only get to see one or 2 days a week 。
>Some pics
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>I love tigerz
>just curious。。。。how big is tis little follow now?
Originally Posted by Thaiho My It

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