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Virgin Aro-keeperSharing my Crossback Golden, got this little fella from OTF on the 21st of May。
Currently at 6";+,aquarium a little skittish at times when people walk pass the tank。
Still not eating, trying to get it to eat MP。。。 Any advice on grooming this beauty?
Not sure if its the camera angle or is your aro skinny。。。
I would pump it up first before anything else。。。can try to convert to MP when bigger size。。。
>Need more food。。。too skinny。
>Hi bro, care to share on why you select this particular aro? Looks very much underfed。 Could see that its alrdy having plj。
>Thanks for your comments bros。
Yes its skinny, tried feeding feeders MP, still not eating。。。 any tips on improving its appetite?
No particular reason why I chose this piece i guess。。 just went with it。
>Welcome to arowana keeping ,regular water change and maintain good water parameter。
Nice tigrinus any other tankmates?
>Can see its really underfed。 Try feeding it with small froggies。 Still remember the excitement when mod luc choose my virgin rtg for me many years back。 Treat this as an experience in keeping aros n knowing more friends。 Happy aro keeping!!!
>can slowly groom this piece

Virgin Aro-keeper AROWANA Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The3sheet>KFan>; Thanks for the welcome changing 20% weekly tanks been running for quite awhile。 3 other tank mates, a WC Delhezi, Albino Knife FRT/PNT
Big Daddy>; Thanks! Was really exciting choosing the aro, though maybe i didnt choose a perfect piece but its a start anyways。
Zeke>; Yea bro, hope itll turn out well!
Update! It started eating snake head feeders today! Probably because they gather at the top? Goldfish feeders when i release they gather down at the bottom MP just sinks down。。。
>other than skinny looks like it might have PLJ, hope after pumping him pui pui the plj gone! good luck bro
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    Virgin Aro-keeper
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