Xiaolong I bought today everyone help me to see



Xiaolong I bought today everyone help me to see

Xiaolong bought today.Everyone, please take a look.I am an old customer of his family and said to sell 1600.Talked for a long time.The last 900 transactions in Wuhua District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
℡ Blank., Comment: Hurry up and treat your water, the bubbles are floating in the tank!
Love Tiger, comment: its time to change the water
Sweetheart Baby Sweet Arowana Comment: High back raises also look good
BJdXCOfC Comment: A penny pays for goods.900 yuan will not be a good quality dragon.
wooke~马 Comments: I like the most important
Zhongzhong 612 Comments: Congratulations
Beijing Laoning Comment: Just like it!
Hongshi Awei Comments: Can speak 900, master
Zi Fei Yan Yans Joy of Fish Comment: Raise it, you can release the parrot in a few days
tropical fish Comments: good
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Red Arowana Death Video:
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Top View Colour Baby Ranchu

Pbass from Exotic aquaria.

sianlon fish pic

arowanas seem like snipping air

Type of brackish fishes




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