look for me?

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look for me? Zebra duckbill
Your picture very "big" cannot see properly.
>Originally Posted by Koji™ Your picture very "big" cannot see properly.
thanks boss. keep looking. hehe
>Originally Posted by Warrior thanks boss. keep looking. hehe Old man eyes no good you make me keep staring at the small sparkling FH picture...
>Yes, bro got a bigger photo ? Even control click also cant see the spot.
>Maybe TS wan us to see this fish wit bling... onli:-)
>Nice thai kamfa!
>should be a very nice piece as it grow bigger.
please do update
>Should bring him to see fire works at 9 august haha . Very nice and potential piece when adult .
turtle breeding methods"
How to feed turtle food*
Can turtle eat turtle feed?$
What kind of fish can turtle feed with)
Turtle feed prices?


What is the rate of handyman to replace

Ok, im newbie here...

WTB: 2.2lbs Massivore - 10-15 bags

the nearest aquarium1st BBXB

Sumatran tiger fish




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