After more than ten years he returned to Longtan



After more than ten years he returned to Longtan

After more than ten years he returned to Longtan Zebra duckbill

  Once upon a time, the dragon fish was my punch card every day.Tropical fish that are too small are not counted, but they are officially counted as pits from which arhats are raised.At that time, I had to soak in the thieves every day and like the Luohan Fish Forum. I dont know how many people remember this domain name anyway.Later, on the road of dragon fish, Luo Han basically lost interest.Later, when I had children, the school district housing I bought was helpless and too small. It was not easy to put a large fish tank, so I gave up the hobby of fish farming.But whenever you walk to a place where there is an ornamental fish, you cant walk when you see a good fish. Maybe its a common problem for fish farmers.In Tianjin, the local ornamental fish industry may be more developed than most regions except Guangzhou.When I have nothing to do, I am also willing to go to the flowers, birds, fish and insects of Puji River in Central, and enjoy it.In the house I changed last year, I smashed a 2 meter space during the renovation and specially designed the placement of the fish tank.Have you forgotten your previous accountTianjin Nankai District, Tianjin========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Yu Lin Yi Yu said:
Beautiful when smiling
TB Indonesian Little Red Dragon Yuyou said:
STDkmZJS Yuyou said: The previous Longding web forum is much better, arowana school, arowana disease, fish tank production, aquarium trading, etc. There are a lot of sections, some should have, and now the App section, half of themIts commercial in nature and has no fun here
Guangzhou Zhongyi Car Loan Yuyou said:
Long Qiaoer, welcome to revisit your hometown
Yulong was invited for Christmas and Yuyou said: I feel the same way.Try to find a small assistant on your account.Dragon Peak is really good
Seducing Red Dragon 1313 Yuyou said: I havent played for a long time, its really a lot of it, the mobile version is still different from the computer, and it is not convenient for the computer.Have more time to communicate.
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