why is sump always smaller than main tank



why is sump always smaller than main tank

like when main tank is 522, sump is 3,1.5,1.5. why not both 522. wouldnt that be awesome
so i went to LFS to ask. the owner say 1. not necessary cus its over filtration, 2. the cabinet cannot fit in. but even for metal stand i see forumer their sump is still smaller.
then it gets me thinking again, alot of people say over filtration is better under filtration so why not bigger sump?
recently I went to a forumer house he had a return pump from his sump into his ohf and i think that cool
Another guy got a canister filter inlet in the sump last compartment, pump into a UV and outlet back to the first compartment.
i thinking of upgrading to a two tier metal stand 2x522 with the bottom tank as sump. with the huge space i could even use 1 section as a refugium,grow plants or something. or should i just stick with a 522 cabinet tank with a smaller sump.
Absolutely. If space isnt an issue, the bigger the sump/filteration volume, the better. Hobbyist Koi ponds for example have massive sumps/filteration volume compared to tanks.
But there are a couple of perspectives you can take..
1) Limitation of space. If you can put another 522 tank underneath... most ppple would use that for another tank already.
2) Overfilteration is not necessary according to the LFS owner. And he is correct. If you have a fish stock with low bioload. But with monsterfishes, rays and aro comm tanks. alot of the forumers load/overload their tanks with high bioload fishes.
3) Not forgetting...groooming a fish and keeping a fish ( mere survival) have very different criterias. Some of the more hardy fishes are able to survival in typically " poor" water condtiions due to underfilteration still...Most LFS owners have extensive years of experiences in keeping Fishes for survival till they are sold... its a bit different from a hobbyist perspective...need to take the information with a grain of salt...
>well the other alternative is to add canisters to existing sump to boost the undersized sump...that is what i am doing now....
>alot of people i know will have say a 30gal or 55gal quarantine tank with 2 55gal drums behind it acting as the sump and to increase water capacity. i always say go with as big as you can fit and try to make some more room. going through walls and floors is one way to achieve this. you only limit your self and with more water the better you are
>^^Going through walls floors may hold true in Indiana U.S.A. In a place like Singapore, which mainly consists of HDB flats, not so much.
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